7th Grade Field Trips

We are very excited to announce our annual seventh grade trips this year will be to the Liberty Science Center in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ and to the Goodwin Holocaust Museum at the Cherry Hill Katz JCC to see a production of “Dear Esther”.

*We are aware that unfortunately the trip to the JCC conflicts with a scheduled trip for our Peer Leaders. This was unavoidable as both trip programs were only available on May 31.

The cost of the Liberty Science Center trip includes transportation, admission to the Science Center, and a presentation in the Planetarium aligned with our 7th grade science curriculum. Transportation will be by deluxe motor coach with air conditioning and restroom.

The cost of the “Dear Esther” trip covers the cost of admission for the production. Students will be transported to the Goodwin Holocaust Museum by regular school bus.

Liberty Science Center
9:45 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $55 for students
$25 for Parent Chaperones based on space availability
"Dear Esther" Production at Goodwin Holocaust Museum
9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Cost: $6 for students

Students must bring their own lunches or may pre-purchase a school lunch from the cafeteria to bring with them on the trips. A school lunch form order for is linked below for each trip and must be returned with the signed permission form.

Please note that due to the time the Liberty Science Center trip will be departing Carusi, we will be unable to provide a lunch to students who do not pre-order one for that trip.

As these are school trips ALL SCHOOL RULES AND DRESS CODE WILL BE IN EFFECT FOR THE DURATION OF THE TRIPS. Bare feet and open-toe shoes are not permitted for those attending the trips.

At the Liberty Science Center, students will be organized by their teachers into small groups with a chaperone assigned to each group. At no time will students be permitted to explore the science center without the direct supervision of their chaperone . In addition, students must comply with all science center rules which are enforced by the Liberty Science Center and New Jersey State Police.

On the day of the Liberty Science Center trip, students are to arrive at school between 7:30- 7:45 AM so that the trip may promptly depart the school grounds at 8:00 AM. Students will return to Carusi at approximately 5:00 PM. Students will need their own transportation that day to and from school that day. Every student is expected to ride the bus to and from the Liberty Science Center. Students should not plan to use the school phone to call for a ride. Parents/Guardians must arrange for their child’s transportation home from Carusi at approximately 5:00 PM. If a student is walking, please provide a signed written note giving them permission to do so.

It is important to remember that these trips are only for Carusi 7th Grade Students. Students who choose not to participate will be expected to be at school and will be supervised as a regular school day.

All permission forms and payments are due to student's Homeroom Teacher no later than Tuesday, May 8, 2018